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music for dance/theatre show of wang ramirez.

super happy to announce that. worked about one year on/off on that project. was an awesome and tough journey.

EVERYNESS is much more than a simple return to the most elementary practices in performing arts. In this case, it’s putting into the forefront the fabric of Wang Ramirez’ human relationships, both in friendship and in romance. A new approach that illuminates the practices and tools of rigging, which are generally pushed into the background, creating a change of perspective, a new way of seeing things on every level, including their own approach to body, movement and scenography.

This new production takes one more step towards the creation of Wang Ramirez’ authentic and personal choreographic universe. They interrogate the open dramatic possibilities through manipulation. Five dancers, along with the sixth character, a white and almost transparent sphere, reveal surprising expressive capacities.

The work of French artist and designer Constance Guisset offers an abstract volume with indescribable connotations, an immaculate surface with a mythological inspiration. This sphere is in permanent transformation: it fills and empties, flats or sags. It embodies fullness as much as exhaustion, and it speaks! A sound system gives it a singular voice that rises with the physical contact of the dancers. Its various forms can evoke a spiritual presence or even a jellyfish, until, emptied of inner emptiness, it is reduced to its pure materiality, to its weight and size. This sphere structures a bare stage, with maximum clarity and powerful geometry.

Wang & Ramirez become plastic artists of visual space. EVERYNESS defines a new reality of suspension and weight. The rigging is reinventing itself under the auspices of the Berlin specialist Kai Gaedtke, rope magician who gives autonomous life to Guisset’s sculpture, like a star filled with lightweight desires.

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